Bangalore Call Girls

Bangalore Call Girls

Bangalore Call Girls

A Bangalore Call Girls is the top in hierarchy. in the escorting business and a courtesan are basically  chatelaine women or mistress maintained by the wealthy and powerful men in the society and  a courtesan lives in a comfortable and luxurious life style  life than her counterparts in escorting business and caters only to a few selected Individuals of her own choice.

A Bangalore Call Girls  never advertises herself on any platform for her services but had inherited the clients from her contacts and have chosen to stay exclusive to the selected few individuals who do take care of the lady financially.

A Bangalore Call Girls who takes up a life of a courtesan is usually from a upper class society who for whatsoever reasons had preferred to live a confined life and prefers not to get married and understand marriage as a system that may curtail her independence and a  courtesan  prefers her independence more a priority than sticking on to one person.

A Bangalore Call Girls life is very much a secret and the more secret it is a courtesan life is safe and secure and a women who prefers to live a life of a courtesan has her own preferences for men and chooses on her own and dictates her terms and condition before a relationship is ensured between the two consent adults.

A Bangalore Call Girls  life style was much popular in the 17 th century while the kings ruled.
Amarapali who lived in 500 BC is a famous royal courtesan and had been mentioned in the Pali texts and in the ancient Buddhist era.and was  solemnly owned by Mr.Manudev who was the king of Vaishali and was the sole owner possessing all rights of ownership on Ms.Amarapali  ! !

The story of Amarapalli goes this way and once her beauty was travelling beyond the boundaries she started to get admirers   and when the kingdom got attacked by Mr.Bimbisara who owned the kingdom of Magadha  he was fascinated with the beauty of Ms.Amarapalli  and took control of her there on and the happy due gave birth to a son Vimala Kondanna and so the story goes on about a courtesan  life style and finally Ms.Amarapalli renounced her life to be a Buddhist monk.

Practices of a Bangalore Call Girls  was way back the Ramayan and Mahabhartha epic days and when the Moghuls Invaded India they were practically taken back with the charm and beauty of Indian courtesan and the story of Anarkali and Salim is neither an epic or fiction story but a reality and most famous courtesan is Moghul days were Moti Bai,Shah Jahan Noor Begum and there was Gauhar Jaan.

The Bangalore Call Girls were Devadasis or the women who sings and dances in the temple and were married to the deity  and the kings had the honor to witness and claim sole authority to the  courtesan in his boundary.

Now It is just the Bangalore Call Girls were quenching the thirst of the rich and the famous in ancient India and down came the Moghuls era and most of these women were converted to Islam and the worst part came in the life of the  courtesan once the British era  started and Prostitution was wide spread and Devadasis system slowly came to  a striking halt with the British taking over the colonial rulers of India and on their exist slowly devadasis were forced into the Prostitution.

The Moment the British started to take over India and the British were no longer interested in poetry and dances and were more practical in their approach and just lusted their lust full desires with the Bangalore Call Girls in India and thus was born the Anglo Indians. 

The era of Independence was a renaissance for a Bangalore Call Girls and more were entering the tinsel field of  movies where in the initial stages dancing singing we essential to be a good actress.

With the dawn of  the 21 st century Bangalore Call Girls was the altered name for a Devadasis and a courtesan is a person who practices safe sex with selected Individuals  of her own choice for a fixed donation and a long term mutually beneficiary understanding.

A trusted bonded relationship with her client is made by  the courtesan on a long term basis where in both  the individuals accept and act  on each others favor  and the client relationship with a  courtesan is a secret affair out side his marriage system pr personal life.

A Bangalore Call Girls is an Invisible women dwelling in this society among our self and living a life catering only to the rich and famous.

Prostitution and Prostitutes

Prostitution is an act of indulging in sexual acts in exchange of money by a women and Prostitutes are women who work in organized brothels or with pimps who mange the prostitutes appointments   and it is illegal in most part of the world.

A Prostitute is a person who is bonded with a pimp or a brothel and is doing an act  without her consent for the need of money.
A Prostitute is a person who sells herself on her own consent to willing men for the exchange of Money and Indulges in sexual acts
A Prostitute or a call girl is a person who does the act of Prostitution in lodges or in their homes in exchange of money.

Prostitution is a derived term from the institution of brothels run by Madams or pimps and Prostitutes are women working under an organized system.

A prostitute is never paid her real wages and is mostly cheated by her employer and she is  mostly  ill treated by her employers. 


Escorts are willingly employed Independent women who indulge in sexual acts with men for exchange of money and act with total conscienceless of their acts
Escorts do provide various other services as such as

Girl Friends Experience
Fetish services
Travelling companionship.

An Bangalore Call Girls either advertise her services on her own or manages her appointments through a manger or employs herself in a renowned agency to ensure business for herself.
An Bangalore Call Girls is a freelancing women who is not forced into this flesh business but a voluntary employed women who gives herself for a fixed fees mutually agreed upon.
An Bangalore Call Girls is a women who ensures quality of services and ensures money worth for her services.
An Bangalore Call Girls is a lady who works part time in the escorting business.
An Bangalore Call Girls  is lady who may have other jobs other than escorting as her main source of Income.
An Bangalore Call Girls is lady who may quit or discontinue her services on her own.

An Bangalore Call Girls  is a lady who decides on her work timings and never lets someone else dictates her working hours.

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