Bangalore Incall and Out Call

Bangalore Incall and Out Call

Bangalore Incall and Outcall

Our intention to make it easy for you so we are delighted to inform you that you can have both In call and an out call service. After all, the Bangalore escorts service should be relaxing. For In call service you can call to any one of our professionals at your convenience.

This is a tricky questions, but people keep asking me which is better, so here goes. 

I’ll just list a few basis pros and cons of each- you decide what would be best for you. 

Incalls- Some say these are safer. You are in your own surroundings, there are no hidden dangers. You can hide protection where you need it. You can screen people upon arrival and decide whether or not to let them in. You can relax between appointments. 

Never never do incalls from where you are staying. I dont care how long you have known a client or how much you trust them, any relationship can go bad, and this is not one you would want to have knowing where you live, just dont do it. 

If you do get an apartment, go big. Go for where there is already alot of foot traffic so it wont be as noticeable. Try to avoid places that have a lot of kids, just because. The downside is if you get ONE LOSER to visit, as I did, you will have to move. 


A better bet, but you need to continually move. I have seen girls get comfortable at an extended stay type of thing and get busted. Also, go for the big indoor hotels, not the small ones with individual doors outside. People will notice the foot traffic. 


Never tell them the exact location until you can see them and get a vibe. Direct them to the parking lot, or street. Dont just give an address and apt number, or hotel and room number. 


Out calls are easier because you go to them, but dangerous because you never know what you are walking into. There could be someone else in the house ( happened to me many times), weapons hidden, you get what I’m saying. Hotels are at least safer than a private residence because, to be blunt, there will be someone to hear you scream. Of course with hotels, you are noticed.

There were doormen at several of the 5 star hotels that would smile each time I arrived, sometimes more than once on the same night. They notice. Doing out calls, hopefully you always go far enough away from where you live

you have to find something to do during the downtime. This is while working for an agency, when you are on call for the night and waiting for the next appointment. This will suck after awhile. 

I preferred in call while I was working, just because i had other girls there, and a bodyguard in the next room. It was a lot more fun during the downtime than sitting in a parking lot all dressed up with nowhere to go in the middle of the night.

The out calls were fun in a way because it was adventurous. It sucked because I was always afraid~ but never showed it of course 🙂 

You have to decide what works best for you, just stay safe. Take the steps to protect yourself at all time

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